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Tuatara Machinery Limited is a company owned by Geoff Hill and his partner Qingmei Pang.  Geoff has been importing agricultural and construction machinery from China for over 15 years, and he first met Qingmei as a sourcing agent for the products that he was importing.  In recent times, they have focused their efforts on an ATV which they have branded the "TUATARA".  This name appealed to them because the TUATARA is a New Zealand icon which has endured for millions of years, it can live for more than 100 years, is totally unique in the animal kingdom, and has such a rugged and strangely appealing appearance.  What better image could there be for our ATV?

Although the TUATARA is manufactured in China, it has been designed from the ground up by Geoff and Qingmei to their specifications, specifically for New Zealand conditions.  And it has been designed with strength in mind, with plenty of power, carrying capacity and a go anywhere capability. But best of all it’s made of steel, with plastic banished to only the shrouding in the passenger compartment.

Geoff and Qingmei have listened to their customers and continue to upgrade and make design changes to the TUATARA with determination to make the TUATARA the side-by-side of choice for farmers, hunters, contractors and recreational users.