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One of the most popular accessories offered by Tuatara Machinery Limited is the rear cargo tray cage.  This is a light-weight but very strong aluminium cage that can be easily fitted to the Tuatara side-by-side, and enhances the already generous carrying capacity of the cargo tray.  The cage is mounted on the cargo tray infront of the engine cover and the two deck mounted storeage boxes so access to these items is not affected.  The cage is ideal for carrying lambs or calves, or even working dogs and can also be used to carrying a range of other items.  The cage is equipped with two gates that can be opened individually or together.  And when it's time to remove the cage, this can be done in minutes by simply undoing the four butterfly retaining bolts and lifting the cage off the cargo deck.

Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm) :  860 x 1450 x 700

Frame : Aluminium box section (30mm x 30mm)

Sides : Aluminium grill