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Tuatara 1000 EFI

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Powerful, capable ATV
1000cc 12 valve water cooled engine with 51kW / 69hp output. Bosch Electronic Fuel Injection and five speed manual transmission with selectable 2WD & 4WD.

Suitable for all conditions
Comes fitted with large 26" high grip CST 6 ply-tyres, engine intake snorkel, 330mm ground clearance and independent wishbone suspension providing exceptional "go anywhere" capability.

Perfect for night use
Supplied with LED headlamps and fog lights, as well as an amazingly powerful roof mounted LED light bar, all providing excellent night work capability.

Safe and Practical!
Independent seats (3) with four point seatbelts in a walk through cabin design. A powerful waterproof radio with Bluetooth capability is included for your enjoyment.

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The TUATARA 1000EFI ultra terrain vehicle is a UTV unmatched and unrivalled in features and quality in its class. This highly functional, amazingly robust and truly versatile machine is suitable for just about any application, including farming, farm contracting, apiculture, horticulture, hunting, or for purely recreational purposes.  In fact, the TUATARA's all steel structure makes it probably the toughest UTV available in New Zealand.

The TUATARA has an impressively powerful 1000cc three cylinder, 12 valve engine, which is accentuated with an amazing five speed transmission that offers huge power at any speed, where the emphasis is on being able to negotiate almost any type of terrain.  And the clear advantages offered by the manual transmission are engine braking through every gear and none of the issues posed by CVT transmission drive belts, which have a propensity to slip if they become wet, and many customers also experience premature belt wear which significantly increases vehicle maintenance costs.   The "go anywhere" capabilities of the TUATARA are further enhanced with the switchable 2WD / 4WD option and individually selectable front and rear differential lock.

A unique feature of the TUATARA  is the brake pedal lock, which enhances the handbrake, providing total retention even when parking on the steepest incline.  Also provided as standard accessories on the TUATARA, rather than as expensive add-on options, by many of our competitors, is a 1,360kg electric winch, a fold-down windscreen, a roof mounted LED lightbar, electrically operated rear tray hoist, high grip CSV tyres, engine intake snorkel, waterproof radio, with Bluetooth capability, PVC roof with carry tray, front carry tray and two deck mounted equipment boxes.  What other UTV boasts such standard features?

Also not found on other UTVs in New Zealand, is the 100% steel rear cargo tray (ie. not flimsy plastic) with the added feature of full drop-down sides permitting the carriage of wider loads.   And the entire vehicle has undergone a six step electrophoresis process, which is generally recognised as the best anti-corrosion treatment for steel, meaning that this machine will last for years.

Another feature that sets the TUATARA apart from the competition, is the addition of a front  cargo tray, capable of carrying a further 150kgs.  This capability is not found on any other utility vehicle in New Zealand.  

The TUATARA is also equipped with power steering, so if it’s a spray tank that you need to carry up front, or even fence posts, you can be confident that the steering will still be light despite the load.  Yet another feature is the adjustable steering column which allows the operator to set a comfortable steering position no matter their body size.

One of the most commented on features of the TUATARA UTV is the full walk through cabin that allows easy entry and exit from the vehicle. This is so important for an operator whose use of the vehicle necessitates frequently getting in and out.  Likewise, the walk-through cabin is a huge benefit to an operator who may have restricted movement and may find other UTV's uncomfortable to operate.

An added feature also not found in other UTVs is the ladder chassis design employed in the TUATARA.   This gives the vehicle amazing structural strength and is an ideal feature when negotiating rocky areas or where the machine is likely to come into contact with solid vegetation such as branches or tree stumps or even bottoming out on very hard soil.  The robustness of the TUATARA should be a significant consideration when selecting a UTV.

The passenger cabin of the TUATARA is a truly safe place to be no matter the terrain.  It is contained within a very robust roll over protection system (ROPS),  and the three seats are equipped with four point seat belts for added safety.  And its all weather roof and windscreen combine to make the TUATARA unrivalled as the most solid workhorse UTV currently in New Zealand.

To handle the toughest, most rugged conditions, the TUATARA comes with Independent Rear Suspension (IRS). The IRS allows the TUATARA to keep its rear wheels stable and in constant contact with the terrain in all conditions, allowing for more traction, a smoother ride and less sliding. The IRS and the added ground clearance (330mm) offered by the IRS design, lets you stay on the throttle through turns and when negotiating rough and undulating terrain.   But the real amazing feature of the TUATARA is its versatility.  Here is a vehicle that is equipped with head lights, fog lights, a roof mounted LED light bar, turn indicators, reversing lights, stop lights, and even a registration plate light, allowing it to be registered and warranted for on-road operation where it can travel at speeds of up to 60kph. and yet it is also an off-road vehicle that is capable of negotiating almost any terrain with ease.  Furthermore, the TUATARA is amazingly strong, has an immensely powerful engine, that is both quiet and economical, as well as an enormous carrying capacity.  The TUATARA  is certainly more functional than any other UTV on the New Zealand market yet it is priced several thousand dollars below that of any comparable UTV, (ie. if one actually existed) without even considering the estimated $3,000.00 worth of accessories, which of course are offered as standard features.  Fact!  The TUATARA is a truly stand-out Ultra Terrain Vehicle.


Engine Model

Chery SQR371F

Engine Type

In-line vertical, three cylinder, water cooled, DOHC, 12 valve

Fuel supply


Bore x Stroke (mm)

71 x 84

Displacement (L)


Compression ratio


Rated power (kW)(hp)

51 / 69

Max. torque (N.m)


Fuel grade

91 unleaded or greater

Idle speed (rpm)



Electric (12 volt)

Cooling system

Water ( Radiators equipped with thermo-fan)

Oil capacity (L)

3.5 (With filter)

Oil grade


Net weight (kg)



Manual - 5 fwd. x 1 rev.



Final drive

Shaft drive, 2WD & 4WD selectable, differential lock  

front and rear individually selectable


Tyre (Front & Rear)

26 x 11 - 12 CST high grip

Suspension (Front)

Independent single wishbone – (MacPherson strut)

Suspension (Rear)

Independent, double A-arms with dual coil springs

Brakes (Front & Rear)

Hydraulic Discs with booster assist


Chassis & all steel panels subjected to electrophoresis process (ie. the best anti-corrosion treatment for steel)


Maximum Speed (Kph)


Maximum Load - rear tray (kg)


Fuel Tank Capacity (L)


Recommended Tyre Pressure (Front / rear)(psi)

15 / 18 (Off road)

Winch (kg)




Ground Clearance / Wheel Base (mm)

330 / 2400

Net Weight (kg)


Physical dimension (LxWxH)(mm)

3580 x 1550 x 2065

Rear carry tray (LxWxH)(mm)

1600 x 1400 x 300